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You Refer 3 People:
Day 1: 3
Day 2: 9
Day 3: 27
Day 4: 81
Day 5: 243
Day 6: 729
Day 7: 2,187
Day 8: 6,561
Day 9: 19,683
Day 10: 59,049
Day 11: 177,147
Day 12: 531,441
Day 13: 1,594,323
Day 14: 4,782,969
Day 15: 14,348,907
Day 16: 43,046,721
Day 17: 129,140,163
Day 18: 387,420,489
Day 19: 1,162,261,467
Day 20: 3,486,784,401
Day 21: 10,460,353,203
Day 22: 31,381,059,609
Day 23: 94,143,178,827
Day 24: 282,429,536,481
Day 25: 847,288,609,443


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